Entering Massarium, you step into an underwater world of sea creatures, aquatic plants and mystical sounds. In the evening, when the tides turn, the sea comes to life.

There will be an interactive program with live sounds- capes, dance and performance; an ambient-chillout area where young and old can move around as they please.

This art form combines elements of theatre with live music. We offer a ‘gesamtkunstwerk’ where different disciplines are woven together:

  • DJ sets
  • Vocals
  • Costumes/avant-garde fashion
  • Poëtry
  • Spoken word
  • Musicians
  • Interactive performance
  • Dance
  • Acrobatics
  • Visual projections
  • Decor / lights

Our repertoire contains a 1-2 hour show, separate short scenes/performative intermezzo’s or an ongoing ‘tableau vivant’. 

Behold the realms of the sea

“The Massarium show is a one of a kind immersive experience that will blow your mind. Soundscapes, sent and visuals come together in this bubble of theatrical explosion. I have laughed, had a tear in my eye, danced, was mesmerized and drank the Massarium Elixer, must say that I do feel a little younger since then. An experience that sets your heart wide open and will be hard to forget.”


Our crew
Nadia InnocentiaCreative Direction & Performance

Nadia Innocentia

Creative direction, avant-garde fashion and performance.

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Coen Aerts

Creative direction and performance.

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Lennart Vader

Soundscapes DJ, decor, costume creation and performer.

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Liv Sublime

Visuals and lights.

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Thomas Meijer

DJ Inphiknight

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Producer and performer.

Alex Covert

Producer, performer.

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Leyla de Muynck

Performer, dancer.

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Sander van Driel

Performer, theatre maker.

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Stefanie Ensink

Dancer, performer and choreographer.

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Kat Kreeberg

Poet, performer.

India Zahra Lyell

Poet, DJ, performer.

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Francesca Lai

Harp player, singer-songwriter. 

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Tineke Ogink


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Linsey Ladru

Make-up artist.

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Haian Arshied


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Leon Row

DJ, producer.

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Kaje Row

DJ, sound designer.

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Elena Sommacal

Singer, musician.

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