Coen & Nadia

Our Story

During the lockdown in February 2021 Nadia and Coen were stranded in Portugal. In a little house at the beach they came up with a dream: weaving together their passions for music-theatre, fashion, wellness and personal development. 

In the summer that followed they had the opportunity to role out the project on family-glamping ‘Camp Common Grounds’ in The Netherlands.  

It proved to be a success. Seeing children reconnect with their parents through the activities they provided was heartwarming.  

Driven by these nurturing experiences Nadia and Coen are determined to make the project grow and prosper. 

Our Vision

We develop experiences that combine music-theatre, fashion, wellness and personal development. The belief behind this venture is the necessity to create a new celebration culture based on the basics of nurture, love and self-growth.  


Observing a show can be exciting. Being part of it could blow your mind. Activating the audience by invitation increases the chance of people being touched by their experience. The attentiveness of our performers could sparkle insights or plant seeds to think about at home. 

ReplenishingHumans like to go out and celebrate. Often loosening their minds and forgetting their bodies. What if by celebrating you could recharge your system at the same time. Wellness brings wellbeing, just relax and party! 


Entering a parallel universe at the bottom of the ocean will impress most visitors. Meeting its creatures in haut-couture costumes will definitely leave a mark on the mind. When we experience beauty, we tend to open up for more. This is the headspace we want our audience to reach.  


An open mind is ready for anything. It is a requisite for transformational potential. We invite people to experience, learn and grow in connection with others. This is what Coen and Nadia like to do most themselves, it is what they live for. Join the ride!

Our Background
Coen Aerts

“Playful interaction is something that is only mastered through praxis.” 

The last decade Coen created multiple alter egos with a different look, character and way of movement under the banner of Le Directeur Entertainment. These personas helped him enhance his performing skills and at the same time discovering the marvelous variety of identities within himself.Interactive performance-art became a tool to reach transformative potential in the real time, real space moment within himself, as in relation to the audience: invited to step into the reality of another ‘being’ the character opens up comfort barriers and creates a playful space to explore experiences that once seemed unimaginable.This is why performing art is an invaluable asset for events and happenings where the goal is too ‘touch’ people personally and create a memorable experience. 

Furthermore Coen is an experience architect with a focus on connecting people. He built the “Iamsexuality” platform in Amsterdam and organized the Intimate Encounters gatherings. 

To conjure transformative potential is his art form and passion. It makes him happy to share it with the world and make a living at the same time! 

Nadia Innocentia

”I believe in the autonomy and ‘pure’ self-awareness of the human kind. People have their own way of thinking and control over thoughts and emotions with their own vision of the world. With the collections that I make I express my way of thinking to broaden the vision of others.”

Studio Nadia Innocentia creates experience-oriented fashion & performance manifestations, in which sensory perceptions question common ideas and systems and invite to broaden the societal perspectives.

The way how she likes to present her work is often by breaking taboos and by doing so displaying cultural norms. She find it interesting to play with the human silhouette and she loves to create costumes that are unique and different. It’s of value for her that the spectator is engaged in the performance. Therefore she likes to create interaction.

”I’m satisfied with my project if I’ve achieved a connection with the audience through my total experience. I believe that a society is based on equality and a sincere connection with room for maneuver to exist uninhibited.”