The high sea for which no compass has yet been invented..

Sexuality is one of the most powerful and complex themes of humanity. It touches everyone yet remains unspoken and unexplored.

Massarium is a project that operates outside ánd within a growing sex-positive community worldwide; one that seeks to place sexuality outside the lens of taboo and into a holistic state of empowerment.


Creating the impossible..

We experience intimacy when we allow ourselves to be in vulnerability. Meeting others in this state can be as wonderful as it can be frightening. 

As experience architects our biggest challenge is to weave togetherness, celebration and attentiveness in such a way that participants feel welcome to open up to the unknown. Experiencing intimacy alone being surrounded by others or together. 

We know there is no such thing as a safe space and we try hard making ours safer. Read on to find out how.


Trance tweaking and hands-on emphaty..

Every set and setting has its uniqueness. Therefore no event is similar and a tailor cut architecture is important. 

Healthy guideliness containing a consent and drug (alchohol included) councel are mandatory for us and may differ in practical sense depending on the situation. 

Our focus lies in how to maintain flow in the atmosphere while being attentive towards ‘complications’. Performances that divert attention and the subtile use of ’empathy sirens’ have proven te be potent here.

The Empathy Sirens

Holding space for people exploring sexuality is something we take serious in a playful way. Our conditioning, trauma, clumsiness and triggers around sexuality might surface and that can lead to complex situations. We want to encounter these in a non-therapeutic way with love and attentiveness. Our Empathy Sirens are available during the event to listen and mediate if requested. They are skilled with at least a basic knowledge of Non-violent-communication. During the event there will always be a quiet, private space to go to.

Elena Zanchetta

Elena Zanchetta

Working as mediator and content creator for the Empathic Fox. 

Visit me here.

Remco Lambers

Remco Lambers

Helping people forward as transformational coach and host of men circles. 

Visit me here. 

Minke Marianne

Minke Marianne

She facilitated the ‘connection workshop’ and ‘connection games’ at Camp Common Grounds. Soon NVC will be her main profesional focus.

Why Massarium?

To create an environment where people feel welcome to blossom you need the right ingredients:

  • A space that is intended to nurture the mind and the body.
  • A inviting atmosphere  towards the naked body ánd mind (the intentional wellness). 
  • Ice-breaking, fire-starting workshops to stir up wind in sails. 
  • Awe inspiring decor and juicy performances.
  • Careful attention from Empathy Sirens and other participants.
In short, Massarium is the perfect whirlpool of mood enhancing elements.
Trans-Fluid Event

Every year in the month of Cancer,  Massarium organises an intimate exploration called Trans-Fluid.

This gathering is intended to create the potential of transcendance for participants through a fluid journey of 8 hours. During this saga exploring sexuality is the focus. Alone, with your partner and or with others. 

An opening ceremony will introduce the participants with the space, guidelines and with each other in a playful way. Folowing workshops will invite more openness and ease. 

When the tides turn people are welcomed to explore on their own. 

What to expect?

Expect less and receive more. That would be the best mindset. Trans-Fluid is an initiative that seeks to bridge the gap bewteen more settles ‘scenes’ that focus on sexuality; tantra on one side of the spectrum, the fetish world on the other end and both with often clear gay/hetero divisions. As the name of our event suggests, we want people from all backgrounds and bodyshapes to feel welcome. Also if they have zero ‘experience’ with sex+ or sexy gatherings. 

There is no clear dresscode as we want people to feel comfy how they feel in the moment. Check in with yourself and visualise how you imagine you enjoying without limits. What would you wear in that moment? Go give some guidance you can read below about practicalities. 

There will be:

  • A videocall prior to the event with participant new to Trans-Fluid to check in about consent, intentions and expectations.
  • An ‘agreement moment’ where every participant accepts the events’ guidelines.
  • A wardrobe and space to change/dress.
  • Workshops in the realms of intimate/sexual development.
  • An empathy siren team and quiet space to turn to when needed.  
  • Intentional wellness and performances.
  • A bar to hydrate your body and fill you belly with veggie treats.
To be clear, Trans-Fluid is a gathering where a lot is welcomed and nothing has to happen! Being timid, alone or awkward is fine as long as you have the willingness to be curious and grow.

This page is hidden from the rest of our website because some of our clients and visitors do not have an understanding of sex-positivity yet and it is not our goal to change that here.

By finding this page we assume you do know about this phenomenon and are interested in the field of inquiry.